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Well-known Woodlander Terry Blake missing in Sierra Nevada

Woodland resident Terry Blake has reportedly gone missing in the Sierra Nevada.
She is well-known for her past involvement in the Epicurean Esprit and being a member of Friends of Meals on Wheels. As of early Tuesday, the vehicle had been recovered but Terry was still nowhere to be found. She apparently had left her cell phone behind and so that can not be used to trace her location. Family members have been frantic and posted information on a Facebook page “Help Find Terry Blake,” and while there is a lot of sympathy as Skip Trace well as best prayers from people who know here, there is no news as to her whereabouts. A poster has also been created that family and friends hope can be shared with people living in the Graegle area. In the poster, Terry is described at standing 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds with bown hair and brown eyes. People who have any information are asked to contact the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office at 530-283-6300; or call the Woodland Police Department at 666-2411. People who have information can also email the family at Friends are asked not to call or email in order to keep lines clear for any incoming information. Friends also report that Randy as well as children, Katie and Rob, are all doing what they can.

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